Three Ways to Travel Without Traveling


Three Ways to Travel Without Traveling

What do you love most about travel? I really like the sensation of freedom from my day-to-day regimen, freedom from stresses, and mainly freedom from stress! Plus, the experience of viewing new sights, conference new people, and immersing myself in another culture.

Just how do you get that without actually vacationing? The best way is to learn a great reserve. It could be a vintage favorite, or a fresh experience, but it must draw me right in and keep me there so snuggly which i can’t even think about other things! My entire body says, “Aaahh. ” I QUICKLY get worked up about what’s heading to occur next. The atmosphere and experience of another time and place could work its magic to make me feel I’ve still left my very own home and flown off for some fun new experience.

My latest favorite book for this kind of “travel without travel” is Adventures of the World-Traveling Scientist by Stanley Randolf. Visualize finding secrets of uncommon cultures, weird pet types, new perspectives (like “ pursuing your Soul Tone of voice ”), and scary occasions coming! From China to Rarotonga, I was feeling very-well-traveled, as an aristocrat from previously lore.

Then there is certainly a foreign film with subtitles in your first language. You might find yourself considering differently about life after viewing something that occurs in another land. But I still choose books!

Another way to visit without traveling is through finding new cultures right at home! Or close by, if you can get to a larger city. Most towns have at least one ethnic restaurant that will not only serve new-to-you food but will joy you with a unique atmosphere or artwork and music, and possibly even entertainment native to the owner’s original culture.

Still, books are the best for me, because I don’t have to eat the unfamiliar cuisine if it sounds really awful, but I can pretend I’m still open to it. And with a good imagination, books can make you take flight away to lands unfamiliar with joyful freedom of heart and soul!

Imagine yourself where you want to be. The beach in Hawaii? The Taj Majal? The Great Pyramids in Egypt? No matter where you long to visit, if you read about it, you will have a better feeling of being there than with video, though that may help. Simply think about not only how it would look to you, but how it would smell, sound, feel emotional and even feel actually when your ft hit the sand, or your hand touches a very old stone. It can become very real and truly turn into a “mini-vacation. ”