Cancelled Trip: Can Travel Insurance Help?


Canceled Trip: Can Travel Insurance Help?

Imagine yourself flying to South Korea to finally watch a K-pop girl group for the very first time, personally. The concert ticket was procured and you’re prepared to capture the fever and revel in this original and exquisite musical encounter. Sadly, when arriving to Seoul, you were educated that for a particular cause, the concert won’t press through.

Imagine if you are attending an electronic Start-up Conference in Berlin, but before you panel the plane, you were informed that for several factors, the organizers were prevented to create and it cannot press through.

In cases of events cancellation, travel cover can definitely help since it offers coverage for cancelled events.

For a claim to be valid, the next conditions ought to be met:

The event cancellation ought to be beyond the control of the insured.
The event cannot happen before your flight back again to your home country.
The organizer should give a written confirmation that the function was cancelled.
There are two (2) circumstances that may occur when availing this insurance plan. These are:

Event was cancelled before departure – In the event that you were informed before going to the venue, the utmost sum covered per person shall total £400 for Unused Event Tickets and specific limitations while indicated in the insurance coverage that addresses unutilized travel plans such as for example flights, accommodations, and excursions, along with other additional travel expenditures from the trip.
Event was cancelled after arrival in the country/ town of destination – Because of this case, up to 50% of the travel costs and seven (7) times of accommodation will be covered by the insurance policy.
Since this is an additional cover, do check if your standard or comprehensive policy has this feature. If it doesn’t, you can always contact the insurer to include this feature.

It’s noteworthy that your claim cannot be considered if the event is re-scheduled before your flight back home. Also, the insurance should only indemnify those that are not reimbursed by the organizers. The claim also doesn’t include costs of food and drink, as these are regular, recurring, everyday expenses.

To experience an event cancellation, specially one you have financially and emotionally (significantly) invested in it can be heart-breaking. That’s why it’s worthwhile to ensure that we are able to recover our pre- payments upon the occurrence of this cancellation and one can do that through the purchase of the right travel insurance policy with event cancellation cover.